Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Worth of an Earthworm!

The Worth of an Earthworm!

Hope that you enjoy this infographic about the value of earthworms in our garden and our world. Just click on the title to see it in all its glory!

Do you keep worms? I must say, I really enjoy having a small worm-farm which keeps me supplied with a fabulous fertiliser for my container plants and a very efficacious liquid that helps to keep my plants healthy and vigorous.

And, of course, it deals with a great deal of  my kitchen waste, keeping it out of land-fills. Anything extra, or anything that the worms do not like, ends up in my Bokashi bin or in my garden compost bin out-side.

I have only a small garden, so my needs are few and working the three systems together allows me to cope with all my organic waste without any surplus at all. What I would call a good 'closed system'. The only extras are some straw and a bit of horse manure that I scab from the stables down the road.